As a life and career coach, I’ll help you navigate change, overcome obstacles, DEFINE AND PURSUE YOUR GOALS, AND YOUR DREAM JOB, AND HELP DEVELOP YOUR CAREER.

Personal , Life and Career Coach Services

Professional Services 

Does This Sound Like You? You Need Help With …


Tackling Self-Doubt, Increasing Confidence & Self-Belief


Improving Work-Life Integration


Developing New Professional Skills & Competencies


Devising & Implementing Career Strategies & Plans


Managing Stress & Coping With Uncertainty


Identifying & Assessing Career Paths & Options

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Self Leadership

Goal Setting

Stress management

Career building

Personal and Career Coaching That Delivers Measurable Outcomes and Results

I cover all key areas of life and career coaching and have extensive experience working with individuals on a wide range of topics including career strategy, career change, career development, professional development, leadership skills, new venture development, and personal development.

If we work together, you can trust that I’ll offer you an independent perspective, provide you with honest feedback and encourage you to take on new challenges, so you can achieve your most ambitious personal and professional goals and objectives.

Coaching Services

Life Coaching

Individuals turn to a life coach to offer them the guidance and support they need to move forward, grow past their excuses, and start living the life they’ve always wanted. Whether you want to find renewed success in your business, change career paths,  find your life’s purpose or simply stop feeling stuck, one-on one coaching can help you do that.

Business or Leadership Consulting

Leadership coaching is recommended for senior managers, C suite executives and business owners who would like to develop their team and leadership capabilities, management teams who want to develop patterns and tools to address issues and conflicts in the workplace, executives who want to maximise their impact and create more diverse teams of professions.

Career Coaching and Advice

My career coaching service offers several different coaching packages so it is geared towards men and women who are: looking to change jobs; C-suite executives; mid-level executives; executives who want to become entrepreneurs; executives or entrepreneurs who want to work through career blocks, develop leadership capabilities, and accelerate their promotion.

Stress Management and Relief Coaching

Failing to address the ever-increasing stressors in your life can eventually lead to burnout, and other serious health issues. Coaching for stress management can help you to identify and address the main sources of stress in your personal or professional life. A plan to reduce your stress levels via coping strategies, boundary setting, relaxation techniques and more will be customised for you.

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What an amazing experience it was to join hands with Janine, leader of  JDC Exec Group Companies, and her fabulous positive impact in our company.

Not only did she help shift our staff focus to a – I can do this mindset!!! and help them discover each individual’s potential, but they assisted and added to increased revenue.

JDC’s eye-catching designs boosted our social media platforms and the response was phenomenal!! – for a new start-up business in our first year. Our staff and us could not wait for the monthly training days as she filled the space with life and joy, and motivated each one to do even better each time she came, and surely it was worth the entire effort!!

We highly recommend Janine.

We got the most positive, unexpected feedback from our visitors, and acknowledge Janine’s involvement in reaching our goals!”  

Best regards, Impact Adventure Parks owners

Johannesburg, South Africa 

I just would like to express my gratitude for all you’ve invested in me!  You have taken the time to impart the kind of wisdom that changes lives and I haven’t taken it for granted.  Applying what you’ve taught, I’ve achieved so much as you know but the biggest blessing has come from knowing who I am and what I carry. 
Since you have come into my life, I don’t compare myself to others because I see that I am enough.  I use my time wisely and am sure about the decisions I make.  I don’t profess to be perfect, but, I see a tangible improvement. 

Kind regards, Michelle M

johannesburg, South Africa


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