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Coaching: What is the point?

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Janine Do Cabo  | Sustainability & Leadership Development  |  JHB, SA

May 2021


  1. Why would a business owner require the services of a business coach?


No other human development process influences and changes behavior and effectively as coaching. The focus is on long term behavioral change. This can only be accomplished through influencing both the conscious and sub-conscious mind through purposeful goals and an intentional growth plan.



A good coach looks at the potential of a person and not their current position. He develops the person from the inside-out, and not the outside-in.


Coaching is a wonderful process of seeing the potential within an individual and guiding them to discover the same potential within themselves. This process facilitates positive and profitable change, improve productivity and causing long lasting results.


  1. What services do coaches offer?


Coaches mainly offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth.


  1. What skills will coaches use in assisting business owners with reaching their goals?


Coaches address the performance gap, in other words, we look at the “what you know” VS the “what you do”. The more you know, the more you will do, the further you will go.


The wider the lens, the more you will see, same in business.


Coaching is 1% technique and 99% who the coach is. Choose the right one!



  1. How do coaches help with focus and motivation?


Through 3 objectives:

  • Creating awareness, that leads to clarity and understanding,
  • By creating responsibility and accountability,
  • And this leads to increased performance



  1. What is the difference between mentorship, consulting, and coaching and how can a businessman know which option would be best?


When you are sharing content – you are teaching people.

When you are sharing your experience – you are mentoring that person.

When you help someone deal with a situation – you providing counseling.


When you are asking questions, listening intently and being intuitive in your answers – you are coaching someone from where they are today to help them get to their tomorrow.


Determine what you need is as a business man. Do you need a teacher, mentor, counsellor or coach?


  1. At what stage in a business would a coach be approached for assistance?


Right from the beginning. Ask yourself this question, “If you do not want to invest in yourself and your business, why should people invest in you and your business?


  1. Is it better to approach a coach with a goal in mind?


Goals are absolutely important, as this will be what you are working towards.


  1. Are business coaches only for entrepreneurs or can seasoned businessmen also make use of them?


The most coaches have more than one coach and mentor. The more success you achieve the more you need a coach.


9. For a start-up, which competencies are important fora coach to focus on?


The calling of that business owner, to determine his reason for starting his business, he will always fall back on his “why” he started the business.

10. What are the most important business applications coaching can be used for?


The coaching process changes the way a person thinks of himself and how he sees himself. By a change of mindset and shifting of perception, a person that did not see himself as a business owner before, will now be able to see themselves in that role and feel competent to perform in duties of the position and in turn achieve greater success.


11. Should business owners consult coaches in every aspect of their business?


They definitely can, the choice remains their own, However it depends on the coach you decide to use. Most of the time it will be a good idea, as you can manage your departments and your people better. Also bringing in group coaching.

12. Would a business coach work over the long- or short-term?

Long term, effective change takes time and accountability.


13. Can a business coach be employed to improve workplace performance?


On a consultancy basis yes, definitely. A business coach is a very valuable assist to any company.

14. How do individual coaching sessions differ to group sessions?


The principles are the same, depends if the person is focused on personal or organizational growth. I believe there should be a balance, as they work hand in hand.


You can only grow as far as the person above you in your organizational structure. Is that far enough, or do you need to grow more. May be it is time to make a change?


15. How important is a coach’s prior experience when considering hiring one?


Crucial. Your position as a coach cannot make you a leader, it is the leader that makes the position. Leadership is how the leader conducts himself in order to influence a person. You cannot give a person something you do not have. A good coach improves himself in order to improve others. People is a passion for them.


16. What are the most frequent topics coaches discuss with their clients?


  • Business and Organizational growth
  • Personal Growth
  • Team building and group coaching discussing core needs such as need for certainty, variety, significance, growth, and contribution.
  • Marriage and General Relationship challenges.


17. What reasons would a coach have to break ties with a client?


They key here is teamwork, and working together. Working together through accountability we can facilitate positive and profitable change, improve productivity and create the atmosphere that is necessary for effective leadership. If there is no rapport of congruence between client and coach, this will be a good reason to break ties.


18. Can business coaches assist in the modern difficulty of balancing work and personal life?


This really depends on the Coach, not all coaches do this. Not all coaches are willing to deal with personal and emotional and spiritual subject matter.

Many coaches develop their own material and curriculums that are developed for their specialty and what they are best at.


19. Can business coaches aid business owners in dealing with personal troubles?


Refer to above answer, it is however possible to do so. It will be best to separate the business from the personal and set up different coaching environments.

20. What are a coach’s limits in helping business owners?


  • Willingness of the client
  • Some don’t see the value and the advantages of coaching
  • Financial limitations.
  • Lack of knowledge of the concept for example in the in the U.K. and Europe business coaches are assigned to individual staff in companies, and there a wholesome approach is possible. This mentorship brings great value to the organizations and their growing exponentially.


 21. Is it more advisable to select a coach with experience in one industry or across a range of industries?


Depending on the coach, the need and the seriousness of the problem. Most of the time, by the time a coach is called in, there is already a serious problem. If the mindset is changed and a coach is there throughout the growth process, the problems are less and the environment is more development focused. People become problems solvers.

22. How do coaches measure their effectiveness in their role?


Success of the client and business in the long term, also by relationship and by rapport. Referrals is always a good measure.


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