About Janine

Janine has a goal-oriented outlook on life and her passion for helping others reach their goals has led her to join the world of leadership, advertising, and promotions.

She is a firm believer in positive thinking and therefore also believes that life has a humourous side to it and that there is no better time to laugh out loud than right this moment, in your open office, hiding behind your phone or in your corner at your working-from-home-spot. 

Quick Facts About Janine


– A Certified John Maxwell Life and Leadership Coach

– Founder of JDC Digital, a Digital  Marketing 

  Agency With A PURPOSE

– Founder of JDC Corp a full ppe, corporate gifting  

  And clothing company

– Founder of Learn Social Media, An Online

  Digital Marketing School 

  for Entrepreneurs

– Motivational Trainer and one-on-one Speaker to

  Corporates, ceo’s and managers

– Wife, Mother, and firm believer that you are

  never fully dressed wthout a smile


As a professional coach, mentor, and trainer, my role is to support ambitious individuals in both simple and complex industries to thrive. This means reaching your leadership potential, achieving your best in your career, to launch and grow your businesses, and to forge success with your talents, values, visions, and goals.

I help my clients get clarity, build confidence, step into their strengths, shift their perspective, and get strategic about how to practically achieve their work and lifestyle objectives. And all without having to sacrifice their health or happiness!

I offer a range of coaching services and programs that cater to a variety of creatives and high achievers, from busy working moms to very successful entrepreneurs and freelancers. Whatever stage in life you are in right now, I can help you develop the strength, strategies, and self-belief to succeed and design the future you want.


My Mission & Vision

My mission and vision is to empower you by giving you the knowledge and resources you need to escape your comfort zone and reach your highest potential

To bring out your strengths and work on your weaknesses and develop and coach you into the person you want to become or achieve the goal you want to reach.

My Story

On a Personal level

I’ve studied people’s emotions and the mind deeply and explored the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy, and success, along with how these are connected, and with the right therapeutic and coaching support, how it can completely change someone’s life experience. I’ve also learned and practiced my skills for over 10 years to understand, experience, and mentor just how it facilitates inner happiness.

On a Business Level

My background is in the fast-paced world of marketing, advertising, and corporate training, so I understand first-hand the thrill of life in the fast lane as well as the stress it can lead to for many people. I have over 15 years of experience working for SME’s and private clients as well as running my own successful private marketing and coaching business.

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