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Meet Gladys Canbe

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Janine Do Cabo  | Sustainability & Leadership Development  |  JHB, SA

Feb 2021

I normally talk and surround myself with people that are highly motivated, self-driven individuals. world changers, destiny shakers, and purpose-driven leaders, I wonder if I am talking to one of them right now?


You know that feeling when you are having a conversation with someone, sometimes you just met, and they just get you! That’s my kind of people, the ones I call my tribe. Stacey Martino speaks about the right-hand left-hand principle. Paraphrased and adopted it says, all the people in your circle have a place, some fit in your right hand and is bored by leadership, self-help, growth, passion, and purpose talk, and others fit in your left hand that is propelled and excited by leadership, self-help, growth, passion and purpose talk. The secret is to know whom you are talking to and the role you are playing at that time. This will help you tremendously to know what hand you are dealing with and with that knowledge having people eat out of the palm of your hand in a manner of speaking. With that much power comes responsibility for sure.


Are you ready to handle that responsibility?

Are you ready that have that much power?


Teaching, communicating, and leading people all have one thing in common – genuinely caring for people and truly showing compassion. Everything you need to succeed is locked up already on the inside of you – you just need someone to help you discover your inner power, your burning passion, and your eternal purpose, someone who is willing to put away the time and invest in your success. We can help you do that.


JDC EXEC uses proven tried and tested methods during Think Tanks, Individual Sessions, and E-Learning to identify the need, work out measurable goals and plans and embrace the process of change to reach the desired result in a set out time.


Gladys Canby has been a client of ours since the beginning, being coached for some three years, we asked her some real questions at the start of a new year. As a custom of good timekeeping and productivity in mind, we do pride ourselves on giving value-added advice that turns into results. In order to plan for the year ahead. We asked her, what have she learned from being coached?  What have you implemented as a result of the coaching and what would you like to focus on moving forward this year?


Some of her answers where:


  • My biggest takeaway was that I learned to deal with and understand the process
  • I saw business ideas and networking from another point of view and that in turn helped me to implement and grow personally, and my business revenue.
  • It helped me to identify who I was in the business world and what I want to achieve, by my own standards not the standards of others around me.
  • Gave me a soundboard that helped me to better ideas, expand my thinking, and set my ideas and vision much higher, in a much shorter time span than what I thought possible.
  • Gave my ideas shape and focus in order to be implemented, not just talked about. I actually achieved it.
  • I got to know my business-self and personality better and learned how to deal with, and handle tough business conversations.


Gladys Canby learned that her success was personal, not public, and her achievements were meant for future growth, not present satisfaction – so she kept growing.


What can we focus on this year Gladys Canby? She responded to her coach, “By surrounding myself with more people like you, more highly motivated, self-driven individuals, more world changers, destiny shakers, and purpose-driven leaders.”


Some of the things Gladys Canby implemented as a result of her coaching and consulting relationship did not only astound her but her colleagues and professional followers. What she implemented and achieved in three years’ time some don’t do in a career. Why because of her tribe, because of accountability, because of consistency, because of knowing what hand she was dealing with.


In her short span of having the correct person coaching her, someone who belongs to her tribe, she not only grew in herself, but in her leadership skills, revenue and have people eating out of her hand, not because she abuses the power she has, but because she knows the power on the inside of her, she truly does care for people, and really does show compassion while putting time away to invest her power into the lives and growth of others. That is true transformational leadership.


Gladys Canby made a calculated decision, she invested in a coach, a mentor, and confidant, someone to walk the process of growth with her and watch her success unfold. I hope you decide to make that same decision and not only invest in a coach, a mentor, and confidant on your side but use the opportunity to grow and find your inner power to further invest in others and their success.


Meet Gladys Canby, meet the JDC Team, we are glad as can be of our journey to unforgettable and unstoppable growth and passion to develop others and help them discover the true transformational power in themselves. I do hope you decide to become part of our transformational leadership tribe.

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