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Never to late to start again

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Janine Do Cabo  | Sustainability & Leadership Development  |  JHB, SA

Mar 2021

I grew up having a quite active childhood, playing tennis, athletics, netball, hockey and whatever was available, anything long distance I stayed clear from. To be honest, it really just felt like to much work.


I was always up for a quick game, but hated the long hours of practice. Most of us feel this way. That’s if we get started.


Even at such a young age, I knew if I just did enough to get by, I would be ok. I studied enough to pass the test and get the grades, I attended practice but did not give my best, I knew most days I had more in me, but just being there was more than what most people did, so I told myself, I was good and my efforts was good enough.


I made it through most of my school career and university this way until tragedy struck. I very quickly realised that life requires more than average, more than just enough. I knew I had it in me, but no idea how to access it, because most of my life I ignored the more, the untapped potential, the purpose that I was called for, that “thing” that wanted to be unlocked from the inside of me.


In my late twenties I was awakened by a statement from my spiritual mentor when she said “Make peace with your process”. I love how it sounded but had no idea the series of events and consequences that would lead to in my own life, I had to now, for the first time, deal with and make peace with process. This meant no shortcuts, no more “just enough”, no starting at the end and working the system backwards to get there faster, I had to start at the beginning and finish at the end, the long way. I had to fall in love with long distance running for the marathon of life, the one thing I’ve always avoided.


How did I start my process?

I had to start crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s, I was forced to pay attention to detail. Look for the process, become aware of my position in it and what is the next step for the bigger picture.

I had to get to know myself again, literally delete what I knew and reprogram what I have been telling myself for the last 3 decades. Start over is what I had to do. With that process regaining my confidence in my gifts and talents bestowed on me. I had to figure out what I was made out of and what I was made for and pursue it with all that was in me

I had to take control and create habits, my own habits not the ones that other people around me said worked for them. The problem with my mentality was that because I did not know what I wanted for myself, I didn’t know what skills I needed to achieve my goals. Creating habits that line up with your goals make the process just a little easier

I had to get physically fit again, because a mentality of just enough eventually becomes a mentality of not enough at all.

I had to make plans and actually carry them out. I am such a dreamer, a visionary and believer for myself and others around me. I believe and can dream up bright futures but did not take the time to actually work on it. I had great ideas without the intention of fulfilling them, talking about them seemed just easier. This has to change.

I had to re-look at my core and who and where I want to be on a spiritual level, once again I was doing the due diligence, but where did God want me to be, what was His intention for me? What did He plan for me and what was my responsibility towards that.

I had to find out what I really liked and not what I just easily said no to or yes to because everyone around me was doing it. I had to find new hobbies. It’s something I never perused, because I knew it took time, commitment and dedication. I fell in love again, I maintained a vegetable garden and designed a small orchid, I got to know different plants and the value and meaning of seeing a plant grow from a seed to a fully grown tree. I took the dog for training and enjoyed long walks after work. Implemented long term systems and growth plans at work. I purposefully looked for process and tasks with eternal purpose instead of momentary satisfaction.


I realised I had to become IN10TIONAL about my life and living it to the fullest. Guess what, I DID.


Now I believe it is your time to do the same. What are you waiting for? What are the things you need to do to start your process?

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