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Coached or not to be coached

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Janine Do Cabo  | Sustainability & Leadership Development  |  JHB, SA

Feb 2021

Should I get myself a life coach? I am a candidate to get myself a life coach? Why do you need a life coach?

For as long as we have breath, we all should be striving to be and do better in every aspect of our lives. If we’re content with the status quo of not reaching our fullest potential, ok with living below the “awesome” threshold, and never dream of changing the world, then we may not be alive. As outrageous as that may sound, dreams, goals, and getting up with purpose help us to feel alive and, if we’re not living then we’re merely existing. 

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Wake up every morning with a song in your soul and pep in your step. Bullet journal in hand ready to optimistically achieve any and everything, but, it doesn’t always happen that way, does it? Instead of reaching for the stars, after bumping our head on the tree branch along the way we get discouraged and give in. Or on the road to Awesome-Ville, we lose focus as the weights of life sap our energy and drive. If the latter describes you then maybe you could do with the second perspective and nudge in the right direction from a life coach. If however, you feel like you could do with a little more convincing, here are 5 questions you can ask yourself before you make that commitment.


Am I achieving or just dreaming?


To determine whether or not you need a life coach you may need to consider taking inventory of where you’re at right now. Write a list of all you wanted to do in the last year against a list of all you actually achieved. If that’s too far back to remember, attempt the same list over a shorter period – like the past month. Now, being well aware that no one could ever possibly finish all their tasks in each day and each week to make a perfect month, there would be no shame in admitting that you didn’t get everything done. However, if you see that the list of to-do far outweighs what was actually done then you will find the wisdom of a life coach valuable in getting you on track.


Where did all my time go?


Time is the only thing given to all of mankind without bias. Each of us is given 60 min in an hour and 24 hours a day and unfortunately, no matter how wealthy we may be, we can’t save or invest in it so that in our latter years we can cash it in for more of it. One of the main reasons you may not be achieving could be because your priorities are a little off centre and, though you get the 24 hours in each day it’s spent doing things that just fill time. As Denzel Washington famously said in his speech to a class of college graduates, “Just because you’re doing a lot doesn’t mean we’re getting a lot done.” If that’s where you find yourself then, you need a guide in how to prioritize.


Do I believe in myself?


Sadly, many of us don’t believe in our abilities, partly because we don’t know what they are, and, partly because we’re afraid we’d fail. If you can be honest enough to admit hat you need a little help in this area then, having a life coach wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Being trained to identify the strengths in people, life coaches play to their clients’ abilities and in doing so, bring out the more confident version of their client.

What is my default stress response?


Since the beginning of humanity, there has been one of two responses to stress – we either fight or flight. The problem with that is when run often enough as a response to stress, it becomes our default response. The world-changer response to stress is to fight, head on blowing caution to the wind until they achieve what they set out to. If flee-ing has come more naturally to you in the past, and you want more from life, you may consider allowing the point-of-view from an outside looking in approach, a cheerleader who has your back when you may feel too overwhelmed to try.

Is time not on my side?


As mentioned above, time is given to all to either use wisely like good faithful stewards, or not. When we reach the latter days of our prime, it becomes more and more apparent that time really doesn’t wait for any man. If you answered no to this question then you may need a coach to help to propel you where you need to go in a shorter space of time.  Avoiding what could end up you undoing years of wrong turns and bad decisions. 


In conclusion, a coach can only bring you to your best life if you’re willing to put in the work with them. It’s a partnership between two people and any partnership requires that both parties bring something to the table for it to work.   Hopefully now your question has been answered about whether or not you’re a candidate for getting a life coach.  If you are then don’t waste any more time.  Start the process of getting into the driver’s seat of your life and taking control of the direction you’d like for it to go, today!


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